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Lisin called up from San Antonio.

I guess we will see if he has really improved his overall game. He also may give the team another offensive spark. Im not sure what line I see him on. He is a RW as opposed to Carcillo on the LW. I doubt he cracks the first two lines, as we have doan-rhino-mueller and vrbata-hanzal-sjo pretty well set.

That leaves DW (C – has been playing RW), Kapi (C or has played wing, but I dont know which one – I think R), Ziggy (C but I think hes played a wing), Tj (LW), York (LW) and Weller (RW). Weller and Ziggy have been scratched. Im not sure if weller is better now or not. So we got 3 centers, 2 LW and 2 RW. So Im guessing it will be something like Ziggy scratched (as has been the case lately) and Weller out due to concussion. DW and Kapi have been together so you could throw York on that line. And then have Tj and Lisin on a line with either Ziggy (if hes not scratched) or double shift someone. I believe thats pretty close to what we were running. I believe York was with Tj and Kapi. I feel like Im missing someone. Who was playing right for Carcillo-Winnik? Was it Kapi? Then who was on the 4th line, Tj and York and ???? I swear it was Kapi. Oh well.

And heres to hoping for a speedy recovery for Carcillo. His energy was surely missed in the Vancouver game. It will be again when we play the Wild and Detroit. He had one of his better games against the wild earlier this year (2 goals, and very nice goals at that).

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