Hello from Amsterdam!

Hello from Amsterdam!

Firebrand AL

Hello from Amsterdam!


Greetings, all. I’ve reached the Amsterdam leg of my whirl through Europe. It’s a fun, quaint city surrounded by canals. Looks like a great, peaceful life to live and will add it to my list of possibilities. Edinburgh, Scotland is also solidy on that list. Other options include Massachusetts, Rhode Island and San Diego, but I digress…
I’ve been trying hard to stay hip to the Sox despite being six hours ahead of eastern time. It seems as if just as I left, David Ortiz heated up, the Sox swept the Yankees and were on fire… now the bats have gone cold. Roy Halladay would have hurled a perfect game if he had been lucky enough.
I’m hearing concerns out of Dice-K, though, and when I saw the box score of his game against the Yankees. I groaned audibly and prayed the Sox would finagle him skipping a start completely. That wish has apparently come true: he will be skipped a start with John Smoltz entering. Next move could be to bring him in out of the bullpen in long relief at some point in those 10 days “to get him some side work” … but that turns into a bullpen assignment. Or maybe I’m overthinking this.
Anyways, wanted to say hello. Be back in just under two weeks!

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