Hate the Ones I Love

Hate the Ones I Love


Hate the Ones I Love

A recent survey named the 5 managers players would least like to play for.  Number one on the list?  My personal favorite…Lou Pinella.  Now, you all know of my antipathy for the Cubs, but I’m a huge Pinella fan, as he brought the Reds the only World Series title of my life.  What’s hilarious is that the list consists of Pinella, Ozzie Guillen, Tony LaRussa, and Joe Torre (and the horrible Eric Wedge).  That list of managers is responsible for EIGHT championships. 

Why is that significant?  It is impossible to put together a list of four other active managers that have more titles than those four do.  The closest you can get is six by taking Terry Francona (2) and Cito Gaston (2) and throwing in any two of Bobby Cox, Charlie Manuel, Mike Scioscia, and Jim Leyland.  In fact, if you took all 6 of those guys together, you only get 8 titles.

All that is to say, it doesn’t matter much if players like a manager or would perceive him as a great guy to play for.  The most popular list?  It was populated with great managers as well:  Cox, Torre (again), Sciosca, Joe Maddon and Francona…all combine for EIGHT championships.  I’d say that qualifies the most/least popular question as utterly insignificant.

The Reds continue to linger like a stale fart.  Cueto and Votto.  Some days, that’s all you need.

A word about BBS
We’ve said from day one that we are a general Indiana sports blog.  It’s in our very first post.  We never claimed we would only talk about the Colts.

We are Colts centric, but I hate offseason blather.  Personally, I don’t find it that all that interesting. 

So…We  blog about other stuff.  As much as possible.   If BBS or anyone else doesn’t like it, don’t read it.   I could care less what annoys BBS.

We write for us.  We always have.  I’m trying to entertain one person:  my brother. 
If anything, 18to88 is more Colts centered than we ever envisioned it.  We haven’t varied from our mission at all.  Again, we state it in our Authors page:

This is a football blog primarily, but we also follow IU, the Pacers, the Reds, and IRL racing religiously. You can expect a heavy dose of all these throughout the year.

BBS’s hatchet job on the Star was unfair.  The whole league is on vacation. When the team is playing, the Star coverage is very solid and useful (except for most Kravitz columns :)).  There is nothing going on right now.  The reporters are getting a much deserved vacation.  Calling them “Crap.  Pure and utter crap” just because they are getting a short break is below the belt.  The joke is that if they were writing about the Colts right now, it would just be blather, bluster and opinion.  They’d have to make stuff up to talk about.  I would much rather the Star say nothing than just yak endlessly about opinion and speculation.  Sometimes, taking a break and talking about other things is healthy.  They mentioned they would be on vacation.  Give them a break.  Do we really want more Matt Painter stories to satisfy our urge?

I wake up every day and think,  “Is there going to be a Colts’ story today?  I hope so.”  When there isn’t, I’m faced with three choices:  I can write about other things that interest me (movies or sports), I can write nothing, I can write some made up crap about some insignificant topic to stir up trouble.  Some days I choose the first.  Other days, I choose the second.  I try to never chose the third (at least not on purpose).  That’s why both my original comments, and this response didn’t get their own “post”. 

Trust me.  Whenever there is real Colts news to discuss, we’ll be there to talk about it.  For now, the team has hung the ‘gone fishin’ shingle up, and everyone will just have to chill out for a week or two.  It’s better than stirring up fake fights and controversies.

Ok, next topic…Sign me up for this NCAA Football playoff.  Simple.  Perfect.  I love it.

The Colts are 14th in ESPN’s ultimate franchise rankings after being #1 last year.  Why the drop?  Tony Dungy retired.  The Pacers improved to 96th.    My Reds finished surprisingly high at 36.

Schrager likes the Colts.  But someone needs to explain to the guys at Foxsports.com that Moore and Mudd are coming back.  I’m not sure what is so confusing about the situation now.

Buenísimo.  Es una decisión inteligente. Los hispanos representan un pueblo con pasión (y plata). Un aplauso.

Demond Sanders:  A couple of points.  This site is primarily about analysis rather than news gathering.  So unless Peyton is out there tossing touchdowns in some obscure Japanese summer league… there isn’t all that much to say right now.  We are Indiana sports fans.  I’d rather see DZ write something about the Pacers/Reds/Indy 500/Irish etc. than make something up about how Lance Ball is making great strides. 

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