Cards Diaspora Bruce Jennerizes Site

Cards Diaspora Bruce Jennerizes Site


Cards Diaspora Bruce Jennerizes Site

The first ‘real’ job I ever had was @ the May Company back in 2005. I was fresh out of College and ready to bend the world over and make it my bitch. But just as soon as I got her bra off… the world’s parents busted in the room and let me know they had different plans. Macy’s was coming in and cleaning house. But if I wanted to hang around for 7 months, they’d pay me to go away.

Leave it to me to almost fuck up being fired.

Turns out when you don’t have anything to do but waste time 8 hours a day- a blog is a good way to be mindless and sometimes cause a minor stir. An equally geeky buddy of mine (Fresh WC) was similarly willing to post random hearsay and conjecture on the interwebs and “Beyond Reproach” was born.

The BR was mostly gossip and getting weird with the dregs of the internet. Nobody really read the site- but it was fun. Fun until I wrote a live blog of the 2005 NCAA tournament that may or may not have mentioned that I was getting paid to live blog the 2005 NCAA tournament because corporate America was stupid and I was not.

Turns out someone at that office didn’t like me and turned this particular posting into mgmt. Soon the BR was completely deleted to avoid termination from my pending termination. I just stuck to soft-core porn and e-mailing filthy jokes. 

Late that year I got a new job and, although the company was much better, I still had a desire to blog. By 100% happenstance, I found an ad on Craigslist for a Cardinals blog called “Cardinals Diaspora”. I wrote a lengthy e-mail to a guy that turned out to be Ryan VanBibber and he welcomed me on-board as a writer.

This is what the site used to look like: LINK HERE

4 years later and we’ve been through alot. A World Series. A URL theft (hence RVB’s retirement from the site. A death of one of our most beloved contributors. A buyout (by MVN)…

And now?

Now, we’re getting started for real.

I’m not going to put you to sleep with details- but for those that are interested here’s the long and short of it: We sold the site to MVN over a year ago. They took over design and management of the site. Late this year, MVN decided to close and we came to a new agreement with Bloguin. Bolguin has been amazing in designing a site that not only is the best we’ve ever had now… but a site that we can build on for the future. I’ve been blown away with how smooth the transition has been and completely thrilled with the site now.

I’m going to miss MVN. Evan, Corey and all the guys that helped us take the CD to new heights in terms of traffic are going to have successes in their new endeavors and hopefully will still be readers. But we’re also looking forward to making this site an integral part of people’s web browsing each and everyday.

Fresh WC, HMW and I are all pumped for 2010 and can’t wait to see what the future of this site holds.

All we need from you is to bookmark the URL. Forward it on when you see something you like. Post it on Facebook if you think your friends will be amused. Tweet it if your stream will appreciate it. RSS feed it (IT’S BACK). Just get the word out.

We will be continuing to work through bugs the first week or so… if you find something buggy- contact us via the link above.

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