The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week: San Jose at Chicago

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week: San Jose at Chicago

Barry Melrose Rocks

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week: San Jose at Chicago

It’s a Christmas Miracle! The Drinking Game will actually include a team from the West Coast! The game will be in Chicago, of course, but still, lets take our victories where we can get them! For anyone from the center of the country, you can go ahead and get drunk without any repurcussions, with yet another blizzard getting ready to slide it’s way north. Even if you were unfortunate enough to be scheduled for work on Wednesday, no employer could expect you to sow up with the prospect of snow on the horizon. So sauce up that eggnog and let’s get to drinking.


… if confused commentators try to figure out where San Jose is, exactly. Thrice if they assume it is the one in Costa Rica.

… if anyone says that a member of the Hawks is going through growing pains. Because they are. Puberty is coming some day, Patrick Kane!

… because the advertisement on the Hawks website is for “Merkts Cheese Spread“. Mmm. It’s a sports fans FAVORITE cheese spread.

… if Frazer McLaren does something that the announcers describe as very well thought out and intelligent but you don’t quite understand. Thrice if his brother Niles had anything to do with it.

Drinking player of the week: Brent Seabrook

– Brent’s real name is Brent Oceancreek, however his agent suggrested a change to make himself more marketable, and perhaps to hide a lengthy criminal record.

– Standing at 6’3″, he could easily reach the green beans off the top shelf for shorter old ladies at the market. He won’t though, and could you kindly leave him alone?

– He is originally from Tswassen, British Columbia, which if pronounced correctly sounds like the air being let out of your tires. By Brent Seabrook.

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