You Mean There's Another Floor of Hell?

You Mean There's Another Floor of Hell?


You Mean There's Another Floor of Hell?

Never did I think that the lunacy of 2009 be approached must less be surpassed.

Then I found out that Frankie Rodriguez was out for the season … with a thumb injury “almost certainly related to” his attack on his father-in-law.


Karma … must have been.  Except when it’s not.  Because while you might think the Mets finally have the silver bullet to be rid of his contract, you then have to realize that the Mets need to aim straight at the players’ union … a 500 lb. behemoth.  Can the Mets really prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the injury was due to the fight when he pitched on Saturday after cracking a man’s skull on Wednesday, and the Mets weren’t notified until Sunday?

And you tell me that with all that time in the holding cell at Citi Field, Frankie didn’t realize his hand was hurting?  And with all that time to think in that cell that he didn’t realize that if he presented this injury before an appearance on the mound that he would put himself in an inpenetrable position known as “I’m screwed”?

Yeah, the punch most likely tore his hand.  Can the Mets prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was the punch, or even the cuffs slapped on him and not any pitch he threw on Saturday?  Because that’s what the union behemoth is going to require the Mets to prove.  That last appearance pretty much made it impossible.  For that reason I don’t think the Mets, well-intentioned as they may be, are getting out of this despite what we all hope for.  Because that would mean that the Mets would catch a break, and we all know that in this universe, that doesn’t happen anymore.  We’re going to be stuck with Frankie Rodriguez making a billion dollars while Snoop Manuel sits down young players and decides he wants to win games when the season’s over for the rest of our natural lives, because he insists on trying to throw out these smoke screens as if Met fans were idiots and would never see through it.  And even when Snoop gets fired, the next Snoop will find a way to make our lives f***ing miserable because that’s the way life seems to go.

Christ, even Hisanori Takahashi doesn’t think Hisanori Takahashi should be the closer … even though he closed pretty well for one night.  Now Snoop is supposed to find an eighth inning guy again?  Great.  Hey, Sean Green’s coming back so he can pitch a 1-2-3 eighth prompting Snoop to use him every day for a month until he gives up ten runs in an inning and his arm flies into the Caesar’s Club while throwing a punch at Manuel in the dugout.  But the Mets can’t void his contract because the detachment of the ligaments actually came three pitches before he threw the punch and his skin broke off.  When does this end??!?!!???!?

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