Guess World Series Gm 1 Score -- Win Word Series of Beer Pong Entry!

Guess World Series Gm 1 Score -- Win Word Series of Beer Pong Entry!


Guess World Series Gm 1 Score -- Win Word Series of Beer Pong Entry!

It’s always fun for me to get marketing inquires about the site.


Because it really gives us some insight into what the people that read this crap are all about. So it comes as no surprise that the “World Series of Beer Pong” is having us run a contest on their behalf.


What is Beer Pong? It’s a drinking game. If you really need to go to THIS WIKI to read the rules, this contest may not be for you.

What is the World Series of Beer Pong? It’s an organization giving away a bunch of prizes for being good at beer pong.

What is this event? Shannon’s Outfield (which will be closed and heated BTW) is hosting a satellite event on November 27th from 11a to 5p CST where the winner will be flown to Las Vegas with an all expenses paid trip to compete in the big Word Series of Beer Pong Finals competition. You can win up to 50,000 real dollars there. You can also win some great prizes here in the STL tournament.

What does it cost? 50 bucks per 2 person team. You’ll drink more than 50 bucks of beer that day. You will.

Other question you haven’t answered yet? Go to THIS WEBSITE for all the details. They’re only giving us so much.


I’ve got a free 2 person entry to give away. Let’s make it a contest.

Guess the final score of tonight’s SF vs TEX World Series Game 1 and you will win the free entry. This is transferable, so even if you want to give it away to someone else, that’s cool with me. You or they will be taken care of good by the World Series of Beer Pong people.

Post your guesses in the comments. Contest closes tonight @ 7p CST. Tell your friends or potential partners about this ASAP!

Also, a portion of the money raised will go to the Boys Hope Girls Hope charity. So don’t feel too bad about having a big time.

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