Howard Mudd-Classic Colt

Howard Mudd-Classic Colt


Howard Mudd-Classic Colt

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Howard Mudd

Offensive Line Coach 1998-2009

Howard Mudd was once a stellar lineman in his own right, but Colts fans will remember him for the 12 years he spent coaching the men who protect Peyton Manning and open running lanes. During Mudd’s tenure as line coach, the Colts never spent a first round pick on an offensive lineman39 but still managed to assemble units that consistently kept their quarterback safe. Mudd trained a group of players heavily comprised of undrafted and late round picks and produced offensive lines that always finished among the best in football.

Mudd was gruff and demanding of his players, but well loved as well. With Mudd coaching the line, Colts running backs three times led the league in yards from scrimmage, and the Colts finished first or second in fewest sacks per passing attempt 11 times in 12 years.

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