Raiders top undrafted free agent fits: Offense

Raiders top undrafted free agent fits: Offense


Raiders top undrafted free agent fits: Offense

The Raiders drafted on need this year, getting two offensive linemen, two corners, two tight ends, a running back, and a receiver. Their first three picks, C Stefen Wisniewski, OT Joseph Barksdale, and CB Demarcus Van Dyke, were all among the players in my Raider Draft Radar series. But there are still a few of those players available.

I covered the defense first as it was the area the Raiders hadn’t focused on much in the draft, with the exception of the two cornerbacks Van Dyke and Chimdi Chekwa. But even with the offense getting the most attention, there is still some work to be done and holes to be filled.

Here are the top undrafted free agents available for the offense.


Pat Devlin QB Delaware– The Raiders didn’t grab a QB in the draft despite having a need for one. Devlin was a mid-round selection a couple months ago. He has all the physical qualities and pocket poise but lacks in arm strength. His workouts caused him to drop out of the draft entirely.  He is the best quarterback still on the board and would make a great third string project.

Scott Tolzien QB Wisconsin– Played in a run first offense at Wisconsin which lowered his overall numbers. He has a lot of experience and played under center, is a tough pocket passer, and has a good completion percentage. He needs work but he has a great foundation on which to build.

Adam Weber QB Minnesota– He has below average height at 6-1 and he threw 51 interceptions in his college career due to forcing balls into coverage. Without those two detractors, he is a mid round pick. A QB guru might see his intangibles and think they can fix his issues. Enter Hue Jackson.

Josh Portis QB California (PA)- Grew up in Southern California and was signed out of high school to play at Florida but decided to transfer to Maryand but was ruled ineligible prior to the season. Finally transferred to Division II California (PA). He is 6-4 with good mobilty and is a very efficient passer. He had an impressive 33 touchdowns to just 7 interceptions last season and had 69 touchdown passes over his two seasons at California (PA). He would make a great developmental prospect and some were surprised he wasn’t drafted with a low round pick.


Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh– Outside of the mere fact that he is a fullback, it is a mystery how he wasn’t drafted. He is an ideal blocking fullback who would be the perfect complement to the current Raider backfield.

Jon Hoese FB Minnesota– A hard worker who would be worth taking a shot at. Very aggressive and respected by his teammates. Played well in the Gophers’ pro style offense.

Offensive line

David Mims OT Virginia Union– Another one of those guys a lot of fans wanted their team to take a chance on. He is the largest offensive lineman in this class at 6-8, 335 lbs, and reports had him looking quite good in his Pro Day workouts. He helped Virginia Union lead all of Division 2 in rushing yards while being named All Conference as well as to the Black College All American team.

Jake Kirkpatrick C TCU– Sure the Raiders got their center in Stefen Wisniewski. But how do you not try to sign this guy? He spearheaded a fine offensive line on a TCU team that won the Rose Bowl last season. He is considered a developmental player at center but what about guard? Just a thought.

Zach Hurd OG Connecticut– He has all the skills and size teams look for. It’s his instincts that caused him not to get drafted. But if new oline coach Steve Wisniewski thinks he can fix that, the Raiders could end up with a tremendous find.

Justin Boren OG Ohio State– Didn’t make any friends at Michigan when he became the first player in around 70 years to transfer to Ohio State. He has a mean streak in him on the field that hearkens back to the classic Raider offensive lines.

Bryant Browning OG Ohio State– Browning was the guard opposite Boren — in more ways than one. Browning is Boren’s polar opposite in attitude as well. He fits more with the high character guys that the Raiders have focused on of late. The Raiders could opt for the current philosophy or the classic philosophy. Either would probably work here.

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