Photoshop Expo: Things Guy Boucher is holding

Photoshop Expo: Things Guy Boucher is holding


Photoshop Expo: Things Guy Boucher is holding

Yesterday we asked readers to send in what they think Guy Boucher is holding in the above photo.

You did not let us down. From Kevin B. we have Pimp Boucher.

Ladies love a man with a scar… and a pink boa.

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From Marc E. we see Boucher is getting geared up for his off-season side job.

Too much clowning around is costing Tampa games… what? Can’t do a bad pun?

Boucher can’t figure out The Enigma, so he’ll try reverse psychology.

And one more…

We’re saying there’s an 80% chance the above goes down tonight. Goddamn he’s a scary sonofabitch.

From the lovely Brittany we have our lone nerd/litterary reference.

 The lightning bolt scar is a nice touch.

Few people had the same idea so let’s group those together.

From Jonathan D-H:

Classical music is the only thing that keeps Boucher calm.

And, of course, our buddy Eric (@BosBruinsFan):

 We also got several entries from our fellow Bloguin brethren. From The Royal Half:

“The devil went down to Tampa he was looking for a soul to steal… but it was Tampa and he found no one in the Forum so he then we to Georgia.” Or something like that.

Bruins don’t fear the reaper. Suck it, Guy.

Next one probably has Purrgeron pissing on the couches.


From Blackhawks Downlow we learn why Boucher gets so angry.

What a lush.

We made some of our own. These are Pizz’s collection:

One of two sex jokes photoshops. The second one is later in the post. Keep reading.

But no wonder why the lady in the background is  creeped out.

From J-F, we have a trifecta of Photoshops:

From Beth in the UK we get two submissions:

We know a thunderbird is a car but is it anything else? This might be one of those references you only get if you watch British shows???

Beth just sent an email explaining:

Haha – it’s a British TV Show about puppets with the slogan “Thunderbirds are GO!”. They made it into a movie; I thought it might have been released over there. Never mind – lost in translation!

Color us intrigued…. Reminds us of “THUNDERCATS-HO!!!” Shows aren’t anything alike.

And to follow up on that is Beth’s second photoshop.

We don’t want to say people were dogging it in this Photoshop expo, but the British girl was the one to make the dick and cum joke. Just sayin’, America. 😉

From Cale (aka “Arenacale” over at the Stanley Cup of Chowder):

As Cale noted in his email. obviously Boucher’s American Gladiator name would be Scar.

And our favorite, from Cale.

 “Wait… who turned off-sides on?”

Great job, everyone. These all rocked.

Go Bruins! 

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