Even the rumors are old school during the lockout

Even the rumors are old school during the lockout

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Even the rumors are old school during the lockout

The lockout is preventing official team websites from using current players or NBA TV from showing anything recent.  Looks like the bug is spreading to the rumor mill.

About 7 years ago, Danny Ainge seemingly had an obsession with high schooler Robert Swift.  He was 7 feet tall with a skill set that made more than a few people think he could be something special. 

Well, he wasn't.  He never really panned out in the NBA, and even Danny passed on him after a summer league invite a couple of years ago.  But that hasn't stopped the rumors.  Now, his name is being tied to the C's once again… this time via Chris Forseberg


Big man Robert Swift, who played for the on-hiatus Apache in 2010-11 could wind up with theBoston Celtics after the lockout or the New York Knicks, according to former Tokyo Apache coach Bob Hill.

Before you get excited (because I know someone will)…the Robert Swift you remember looked like this: 

Robert swift 2
Now he looks like this:

Robert swiftHe's put on a little bit of weight.  I don't know what the competition is like for a 7'1", almost 300 pounder in Tokyo, but he did average 13.8 points and 9.9 rebounds in 34 games this past season.  

And that ends our "these are the most meaningless stats you'll ever read" portion of the post.  I guess if Matt O'Donnell got a workout, then Swift is a definite option.  The lesson here is if you are about 7 feet tall and you know what basketball is, then the Celtics are interested in taking a look at you.

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