Keeping up with Big Baby

Keeping up with Big Baby

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Keeping up with Big Baby


Wondering what Glen 'Big Baby' Davis has been doing this summer? Here's the run down on our enigmatic power forward.

Glen made a recent appearance at the HealthCare Health and Fitness Expo in Boston. He spoke to the kids and the crowd about the importance of dieting and exercising.

"[I want people to understand] that being healthy is important and to not think so short-term. you have to think long-term, you want to live forever. Eating well and exercising will help that,” Davis said.

Loving his time in the New England area (he publicly stated a desire to stay), Davis went fishing for lobsters in Maine. Maybe this is something they should make the Red Claws do for training? Team bonding?

While Davis was visiting his family in Louisiana, he stopped by a local Rotary club to deliver a speech about his journey in life. Glen spoke about staying in school and taking baby steps.

"I was one of the lucky ones," said Davis as his voice trailed off and the tears came rolling down his cheeks.  He got his nickname as a child because he cried a lot while playing sports. "…But I didn't make it alone."

Big Baby also conducted autograph sessions at Academy Sports and made multiple radio appearances.

During one notable interview, Glen admitted that he wasn’t mentally prepared for the playoffs and has trouble listening to coaches. He does have respect for Doc Rivers.

“Doc Rivers is an amazing man. He’s taught me so many lessons in basketball, but also how to be a good man and a professional,” he said. “Over the last year, his lessons have definitely hit home more, and I’ve grown and matured because of them.”

What will Big Baby do next? We'll keep you posted.

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