Rondo's almost a college graduate

Rondo's almost a college graduate

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Rondo's almost a college graduate

Back to school Rajon Rondo left Kentucky as a freshman sophomore (oops) but that obviously didn't mean he was done with school.  

At an appearance today, Rondo revealed that he's more than halfway towards earning his diploma

Rondo has returned to the University of Kentucky to continue working toward his bachelor’s degree. Of the 100 hours required for his diploma, Rondo says he has already completed 60, and is well on his way toward getting his sheepskin thanks to the time he’s putting in during summer school.

If Rondo continues to go to school throughout the lockout, he could probably earn his doctorate.  

Now if we can only make sure Rondo doesn't pull a Vince Carter and go to his graduation on the same day as a playoff game (a Game 7, no less.  In which VC sucked, which isnt' really shocking).

Good for Rondo for going back and getting his degree.  It's only been six years since he got into college.  That puts him at 10 hours a year towards his 100 hour requirement.  If that hold's true, then Rondo will graduate in 10 years… which is also known around here as "pulling a Chuck McKenney".  Great job, Rajon!

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