Match-up 16 "Celtics Sneaker Madness"

Match-up 16 "Celtics Sneaker Madness"

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Match-up 16 "Celtics Sneaker Madness"

The Truth's Air Legacy II Black History Month beat-out J.O.'s Air Max closer to take match-up 15. You folks sent Truth's kicks to the next round with 64% of the vote. Now on to the final match-up of round one! It features another version of PP's shoe and a controversial KG shoe:

#16 Paul Pierce Air Legacy II St.Paddy's

Paul broke these out for the week of St. Patrick's Day last season. This beautiful shoe features a suede-upper and Paul's trademark "Truth" emblazoned on the strap.

pics via aaronknows

#17 Kevin Garnett Anta KG1 152-120 

This version of KG's signature Anta shoe surfaced last January. Also known as the "Beat L.A.", the 152-120 on the tongue signified the number of victories the Celtics had all-time against the rival Lakers. This rare shoe was never released to the public. (that I know of)

pics via aaronknows

Thank you for all the votes through the 1st-round! The 2nd-round will be starting-up this weekend! -KWAPT

#16 Pierce Nike AirLegacy II St Pat's vs #17 KG Anta 152-120

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