The St. Louis Cardinals? Whipped.

The St. Louis Cardinals? Whipped.


The St. Louis Cardinals? Whipped.


The Cardinals aren’t playing coy, they’re not waiting to bust out, they’re not on the precipice of a ‘roll’… they’re just whipped.

An overmatched team that is at the intersection of lack of will, lack of production and lack of luck.

Will: Do the Cardinals actually want to win?

I watched the Brewers come off the field last night and I can tell you without question that they’ve got 25 guys that WANTED that game last night. The Cardinals, on the other hand, looked like they were still in June, going through the motions.

There’s something to be said for leadership from within and Pujols’ very me-centric contract dealings and his lack of comment publically about any of his teammates leads me to wonder just how bad these guys want it.

2006 was quite a while ago. But the passion to play post-season baseball seems to more engrained in the Cardinals DNA as a rite and not a result of playing great baseball.

Also, the defense? It stinks.

Production: The ‘Big 3’ got a real cozy nuzzling up from the in the bag STL Media after a 4 game sweep of the Marlins over the weekend.  So Pujols and Berkman decided to pay them back by proudly displaying their golden collars.

Bottom of the ninth and Albert Pujols needs a single for the win and pops out to right field? Pretty typical in 2011. When the plays need to be made, the Cardinals can’t seem to make them. When the pressure is on,  the Birds fold.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Luck:  I mean, Lance Lynn was killing it for the Cardinals the past 2 weeks… so it makes sense that he’d throw out an oblique after torching the Brewers, right?

It’s the middle of August and this team hasn’t had a single upward trend that lasted more than a couple of days.

That means one thing: The Cardinals are not going to be playing in the playoffs.

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