Ultimate 1-on-1: Reggie Lewis vs. Bill Russell

Ultimate 1-on-1: Reggie Lewis vs. Bill Russell

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Ultimate 1-on-1: Reggie Lewis vs. Bill Russell

1-on-1 Kevin McHale made short work of his former point guard yesterday.  Almost 90% of you think McHale would win a 1-on-1 against Dennis Johnson.

He moves on to face the winner of the Rajon Rondo, John Havlicek matchup.  That's a few days away.  Today, we've got Reggie Lewis matching up against Bill Russell.  

(5) Reggie Lewis
1-on1 Advantage: Scoring.  Reggie was a scorer through-and-through.  He could score from anywhere on the floor against just about any defender.  Reggie could create his own shot and finish it with some flare too.

1-on-1 Disadvantage: Strength.  He was 6'7", but only 195.  He could be pushed around if he faced a bigger player.

(12) Bill Russell

1-on-1 Advantage:  Size, defense.  Bill Russell seemed to block every shot that went up against him.  At 6'9", he's not TOO big to go up against a guard but not too small to face a big man. 

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Shooting.  Russell could finish around the basket, but his range doesn't extend out too far.  Unless he gets in close, he might have a tough time scoring.

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