Scalabrine is trying out in Italy tomorrow

Scalabrine is trying out in Italy tomorrow

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Scalabrine is trying out in Italy tomorrow

Scal ring You guys remember Brian Scalabrine, right?  Tall goofy white guy?  Red hair?  We called him "Scal"?  

Turns out he's going to be trying out for Benetton Treviso in Italy tomorrow.  The team's official website has the story (thanks to Jeff Garcia of Project Spurs).  Google translate didn't exactly give me the best translation of the story.  This mess of a paragraph is actually pretty funny, though. 

In all the clubs where he played was the idol of the fans, with choirs and custom fan club that made him a true player "cult" in the NBA, so that there are no videos dedicated to him on You Tube and facebook pages: the more he clicked the tune of over 78,000 fans, while another page with more than 8,000 contacts, says that "Brian Scalabrine has more rings (the" badges "of the NBA) Lebron James."

Yes, Scal is a true player cult.  And he does, in fact, have more NBA badges than LeBron. 

I'm gonna guess you won't need that lockout "out" clause… but hey good luck out there buddy.

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