Your Morning Dump... Wimbledon Champion Rajon Rondo?

Your Morning Dump... Wimbledon Champion Rajon Rondo?

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Your Morning Dump... Wimbledon Champion Rajon Rondo?

Rajonrondo01_45957 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

If there is no season, the players will need to find other ways to keep themselves busy.  We know how competitive these guys are, so it won't be too shocking to see these guys try other sports. We know Nate Robinson got to practice with the Seahawks.  So who else could try another sport?  Eric Freeman of BallDontLie thinks that Rajon Rondo would make an excellent tennis player.

Question: With the lockout hanging over everyone’s head, are there any players in the N.B.A. whose skills would translate to the tennis court? 

Answer: It’s tempting to say that someone like Kevin Garnett or Shawn Marion would dominate with ungodly court coverage, but I think tennis players have proven over the years that absurd athleticism isn’t a shortcut to greatness. Instead, I think the best crossovers would involve guys who read and exploit angles like Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo — the latter in particular. Rondo’s game is predicated on creating angles where there are none, so he’d be a natural for changing the momentum of a point mid-rally. He’s also proven remarkably able to sublimate a weakness and change his game accordingly — I don’t think something like a weak backhand would become a major problem. Plus, his one-handed passes aren’t that far off from groundstroke form.

I find this interesting since Rajon Rondo’s favorite game is Connect Four.  Rajon does love angles, using his geometry skills to excel in everything he does, including being first in line for everything. 

On Page 2, Why any lost games could be impossible to make up

The NBA could lose $1.1 billion dollars if there is no season.  Even if there is half a season, it will be near impossible to schedule all the games for some teams, like the Boston Celtics. 

Stuck in the middle are arena operators who have blacked- out exhibition, regular-season and playoff dates for their NBA tenants. Because securing big-name talent like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z requires so much lead time, it would be “impossible” to replace each team’s 40-plus basketball dates with other events, said John Wentzell, president of TD Garden in Boston, home of basketball’s Celtics and hockey’s Bruins, who own the building. 

“As much as we would like to have the ability to repurpose those dates, it’s just impossible,” Wentzell said in a telephone interview. “I don’t think anyone would attempt to spin this – that it’s not a painful hit to their business.” 

Nashua Telegraph

You can't exactly have a concert and basketball game in the same day because the breakdown of one and set up of the other is too different.  This isn't like pulling up the parquet for a hockey game.  This just stinks. Everyone is expecting the worst and it appears that is what we will get.

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