Pierce reportedly suffered an asthma attack in China

Pierce reportedly suffered an asthma attack in China

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Pierce reportedly suffered an asthma attack in China

Paul diving
That's not Pierce diving into the stands, he's actually hacking up a lung

From NetEase (via NIUBball.com & Celtics Town)

While playing in Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang province… Pierce and Beasley both suffered asthma attacks due to large amounts of fans smoking cigarettes inside the stadium. After the game, things got even more shocking when Beasley fell to the floor in his hotel and started to roll around in obvious pain, scaring everyone around half-to-death. At that point, there was no choice but to dial 120 (the number for an ambulance in China) and take him to the hospital.

I'm not 100% sure if "asthma attack" is accurate.  To my knowledge, Pierce has no history of asthma.  So to suffer an attack like that, even in a crowded, smoky gym, is unlikely.  What seems more likely is he started coughing because of it, told someone its hard to breathe, it was reported as such, and got translated into an asthma attack. 

Have you ever read the translations of some of these reports?  It gets a little dicey.  

Regardless, the Beasley report is more disturbing than the Pierce report.  I don't think I'm going to get worked up about Pierce coughing because the air in China is like sucking on a bus tailpipe, and then the gym is filled with people chain smoking Camels.  People who work in coal mines breathe better quality air.  Before the games, they should send a canary into the gym to see if it survives… and THEN start pre-game layup lines.

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