Your Morning Dump... KG proclaims his greatness as a teammate

Your Morning Dump... KG proclaims his greatness as a teammate

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Your Morning Dump... KG proclaims his greatness as a teammate


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“I’m a great teammate. I'm a great teammate in anything,” he said. “A teammate should be the same in anything. When you're a teammate you love to provide some assistance, some strength, vice versa, support, that's what I am. You get with a team, I just hate when you get with guys who are not team (players). I'm a great teammate in anything.”

Patrick later jokingly asked Garnett if there was room for him on the Celtics bench to have a one-year deal — “I could be sort of a Scalabrine type,” he offered. 

"You willing to give up that body of yours, man?" Garnett questioned.

"Oh absolutely, absolutely," Patrick replied. 

“Scal gave up a lot,” Garnett replied. “He was big for us, man. I know people like to crack the little jokes about Scal. Scal's in the league for a reason.”

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Being such a humble guy, it rubs me the wrong way when someone refers to themself as "great" at anything. But I'll cut KG some slack here because he's right. He is a great teammate.

He could have laughed off Patrick's comment about Scalabrine, but instead he jumped to his defense. Since Scal is no longer a teammate, I guess you could call Garnett a great friend, too.

During yesterday's interview with Dan Patrick (we already touched on KG's comments about trust and Kobe here), Garnett revealed little about his future with the Celtics:

Asked whether he's talked with Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge about an extension, Garnett said, "Truthfully, no, I haven't. … He'll throw something up in the air, and it'll be funny and we'll laugh at it, but it's not concrete. No."

As I've stated before, I'd love to have KG back for a couple more seasons for $5-$7 million per year. Provided the Celtics can still offer someone like Dwight Howard a max contract.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.

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