Deep Thoughts by Johnny Most

Deep Thoughts by Johnny Most

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Deep Thoughts by Johnny Most

So there is this thrift store at the top of my street that I peruse for books occaisionally. One of the last times I was in there, I found a copy of “The NBA at 50” autographed by Hall of Famer Paul Arizin. I recently stumbled upon a rare book by legendary Celtics broadcaster Johnny Most.

It’s titled “Johnny Most, Feelings, Private Thoughts and Poems.” It was published in 1992 and there were only 1,000 copies printed. Most shares his thoughts and feelings on topics such as same-sex relationships, his time with the Air Force in WWII and NBA “superstars.” 

Most was the voice of the Celtics for Boston radio from 1953 to 1990. He was admired by fans and players for his passionate approach to broadcasting and his sheer toughness that helped him get through numerous major surgeries and medical issues. In 1990, he suffered a stroke and went through bypass surgery thus having to finally retire. Johnny passed away in 1993 after suffering a heart attack.

Here are some excerpts from the book:


Is just an irritation of the heart and groin


He loves him, she loves her. I guess that’s better than nothing at all


Look around you. I did. And it’s awful


The superstar overwhelmed by his own image kneels before his wallet and bank book and prays


Each morning when I wake and my staff is erect I wonder if my dormant passions have been aroused or my kidneys are full

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