KWAPT: A day to reflect...

KWAPT: A day to reflect...

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KWAPT: A day to reflect...

All of us here at RedsArmy would like to say that today, our thoughts are with those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001 and their families and friends. Today is the 10th anniversary of that terrible day, and a chance to reflect.

I was born in Teaneck, NJ, which is about 15 miles from NYC, and have alot of family & friends in that area. None of them thank God were hurt in the attacks, but I ceratinly spent alot of time in New York City. As a 20-something, I lived in Jersey City, NJ for a few years, and often a friend and I would go up on the observation deck of the WTC for some solace and conversation. When you got to the top of that massive structure, and looked over to see the top of the other tower swaying in the wind, it was absolutely breathtaking. It was a beautiful view and a fantastic place to get away from it all and look down on the world below.

On 9/11/01, I was living in Boston and actually sick and in the hospital. I slept through much of the day in a mecdication-induced haze. It was only later in the afternoon that I was awakened by the brother of the man in the other bed. He was explaining to him how "planes had flown into the World Trade Center." I was able to get in touch with my family in NJ, and thankfully none of them were in the city that day. A friend and former roommate who worked in the Sam Goody store located at 5 WTC also was not injured.

So today I will reflect in my own way on the tragedy of that day and hope that the family and friends of all the victims are healing as best they can. Here is a short clip featuring writer Shaun Powell. Powell's brother was killed in the attack on the Pentagon, and Powell himself was in the NYC area on 9/11:


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