Celtics NBA 2K12 ratings

Celtics NBA 2K12 ratings

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Celtics NBA 2K12 ratings

2k12 ratings
NBA 2K12's new player ratings are flying around the internet today because they were leaked in a YouTube video.  

As you can see, most of the ratings are visible, though Rajon Rondo's are obscured by the highlight bar.  I assume it's somewhere in the 80's, helped by his speed, ballhandling and passing but hurt by his perimeter offense. 

The one thing that stands out in that photo is how Troy Murphy is somehow still a 66, higher than Nenad Krstic and just shy of Jermaine O'Neal and Delonte West.  That's a pile a crap.  The other ratings are about right I suppose.  I feel like Pierce, KG and Allen should be a couple of notches higher.. but it's not a huge deal. 

Seriously.  The Troy Murphy thing is crap.

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