Your Morning Dump... Where negotiations have stalled, I think

Your Morning Dump... Where negotiations have stalled, I think

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Your Morning Dump... Where negotiations have stalled, I think

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Players Association sources said league officials refused their request for a Monday meeting unless the union agreed to the 50-50 split. The union rejected the conditions and set up regional meetings with players, further casting into doubt whether the season will begin on Nov. 1.

“This is a total hardball move,” a union source told Y! Sports. “This just confirms what we suspected all along: The NBA was never serious about negotiating until [players] missed checks.”

Yahoo: Union refuses NBA’s conditions of meeting

Ok, let me be up front with you guys.  I have no idea how to interpret this stuff anymore.  Every time I write something about how horrible these negotiations are going and we're screwed, someone finds a source that says "but wait, they're really close!"  And then when I get all positive about stuff and think we might save a season, someone finds a source that says "we're miles apart, and that side is barely moving."  

So it seems that this hardball move is what the players said it would be.  Stern and the owners are going to cancel regular season games on Monday and blame the players for moving.  They'll say they made their offers and the players are the ones who haven't been negotiating in good faith, when the opposite is actually true.  

Of course, we could find out later that secret meetings have been held and the season could be save on Monday.  Because what the hell do I know anymore?

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