Your Morning Dump... players may be folding. Or not.

Your Morning Dump... players may be folding. Or not.

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Your Morning Dump... players may be folding. Or not.

Foot in mouthEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Fisher quickly let it be known that the players aren’t about to fold.

Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee, the first player to depart from the three-hour-plus meeting well before it was over, left the media with a poignant comment.

"Definitely some guys in there saying that they are ready to fold," McGee said. "But the majority are ready to stand strong."

Said Fisher: "Let me say this: The person that spent the least amount of time in the room can’t make that statement. He’s in no position to make that statement on behalf of the group."

Herald: NBA players say they're not ready to fold

Javale McGee must not be very bright.  Even if some of the players in there are ready to give up and take the deal, you don't say that to the media.  There are about 450 players in the NBA, of course some of them are ready to fold.  They're probably the guys who are young and broke.  I'm sure there are plenty of first, second or third year players who have made minimum salaries, spent like nuts, and now find themselves in a jam.  There may even be veteran guys who don't care because they're on their last deals and they want to get their last couple of years in.  

But you just don't tell that to the media.


We're still waiting to see if any meetings will be going on between now and Stern's magic Tuesday deadline.  Meanwhile, the mayors of 14 NBA cities have sent a letter to the NBA and NBPA urging both sides to get a deal done. 

Now we're talkin'.  Now we're getting somewhere.  Once they see that letter… forget it.

I'm betting Stern never even picks the damn thing up.

If you want to watch semi-actual basketball, and you want to pay 99 cents for the right to do it, you can watch tonight's "Battle of I-95" live stream.  Jeff Green will be part of it, if you care.

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