Gameday-Giants vs Bills

Gameday-Giants vs Bills

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Gameday-Giants vs Bills

Because Andy is on assignment this week, we will preempt the Simms segment.  In the meantime, here are a few items for you today:

On Sportsrantz radio with Frank Maniscalco, I discussed Giants vs Bills.   

Here is my Q and A with Buffalo Wins.     

Ralph V. rails at Fewell and his ineffective defense.   

New York Times’ Sam Borden on the importance of running backs making their blocks.  

We are in week six.  Despite having a 3-2 record, the Giants are still finding their way.  Thankfully, they having a winning record at this juncture.  And they have been so inconsistent. As of yet, they have not put everything together. Especially coming off of a disappointing loss to Seattle, the Giants must rebound at home today.  Because they are playing a formidable Buffalo team, they must play sound football in all phases. If they do not, Buffalo will take advantage of any Giants’ miscues.  The Bills are PLUS ELEVEN in the giveaway/takeaway ratio. They are number one in the league.  Unlike the Cardinals, Redskins, Seahawks, Eagles and Rams, the Bills score touchdowns in the red zone not field goals. It is conceivable if the Giants continue their careless behavior, this game could get ugly.  Therefore, it is essential, the Giants cannot afford:  turnovers, excessive penalties, a woeful running game, a porous defense, and shoddy special teams play.

It is week 6.  It is time for the Giants to “kick it up a notch.”  Play 60 minutes of football.  And finish.  

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