Senators' Young Swedes Do Halloween

Senators' Young Swedes Do Halloween


Senators' Young Swedes Do Halloween

Pulled from David Rundblad’s blog (hat tip to @e_doty and @ldots13 for the link):

Here are David Rundblad, Erik Karlsson and Mika Zibanejad rocking the Kiss costumes. It’s a solid effort by the trio. Even though Karlsson half-asses the Gene Simmons tongue protrusion and Rundblad erred in the colouring of Ace Frehley’s ‘Spaceman’ makeup. (It should be silver damnit!)

Courtesy of @SteffeG, here’s a loose translation from Rundblad’s blog:

October is coming to an end and many are just thinking about the darkness of the fall. I’m thinking I’ve grown older, and that there’s a Halloween party coming up. A bonus added to the fact that we’ve now won three straight games.

The party was held this Sunday and of course everyone had to dress up. Myself, Mika, Erik and his girlfriend (not in the picture because she was the one capturing the moment) dressed up, and as you can see below, as a famous rock band. What band it was you’ll have to figure out, or Therese, who did the paint job, will hear it. Other guys costumes ranged from Osama to an “Old man”, some more serious than others (a question of salary?).

The team is on fire right now. Three straight wins and we’re playing real good. I’m playing 15-17 minutes a game but still waiting for my real chance on the PP. Sure, Erik and Gonchar are doing great things but sometimes you’re hoping you get a quick shift with one of them. To make things worse, Mika is going home to play the rest of the year in SEL, which is sad because I spent almost every day with him. We’ll have to get a nice dinner tomorrow and say farewell to each other. We’ll seeing each other again soon and hopefully play together next year. Sometimes you never know what will happen. Tomorrow, we play at home against the Florida Panthers. Everyone is hoping that the victory train continues to roll. I’m really look forward to Saturday – not just because it’s weekend and a weekend spent in NYC, but also because I’m supposed to have dinner with my good buddy Tim Erixon. I’ve also heard that a friend from Skellefteå will be at the game, so at least one person will be cheering – maybe not for my team, but for me and Tim.

Got some books for my birthday which was a first. Now I’m going to be book-smart. Street-smart v. book-smart, a hot discussion in the room a few years back. What’s more desireable? One particular person said that street-smart was the best, because you could handle yourself on the streets, but also do just as well on the SAT’s (translated the Swedish version), if you just got some more time. Street-smart might not be so bad.

Interesting stuff and thanks again to @SteffeG for the translation. One question remains unanswered though, who/where the hell is Paul Stanley?

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