Why you should check out Red's Restaurant & Lounge

Why you should check out Red's Restaurant & Lounge

Red's Army

Why you should check out Red's Restaurant & Lounge


The great Red Auerbach did more than just collect championship trophies in the 60s, he also owned a hotel and resort on Cape Cod. The Sea Crest is located on Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth. Auerbach eventually sold the property, but his legacy lives on in the form of Red's Restaurant and Lounge.

Red's opened last May, as part of a $15 million renovation to the resort. The new ownership caught wind of Red's Army, thanks to an employee who reads our site (it's a Six Degrees of KWAPT story). Long story short, they invited me last weekend to spend some time in the hotel and lounge.

This resort is impressive. It has dozens of modern rooms that are right on the beach. And I mean, on the beach.

Red's is a small restaurant and lounge tucked away near some function rooms. The walls are covered in photos and memorabilia. Some items were donated by the Auerbach family and others were purchased at auction. Some of Red's famous quotes, including "I have two college degrees, but the only way I could make a living was by showing kids how to put a ball in a hole," are painted on the walls.

There's a semi-private room called the Red Room. You'll find more memorabilia, photos of Red's dog, "Pride," and his collection of letter-openers. Who knew Red collected letter-openers? They look more like medieval torture devices.

There is also a three season porch and poolside bar, but due to the weather conditions (hello October Nor'easter), I was unable to get a close look.

I enjoyed the Red's Clambake – lobster, mussels, and clams with a chalice of my favorite beverage. After dinner, I saddled up to the bar and watched some college football (with a chalice of my favorite beverage).

I'm not a formal critic but I can say – the food was good, the atmosphere was relaxing and the beer was cold. The rooms are not cheap (upwards of $450 per night in the summer), but I challenge you to find me a Cape Cod oceanfront resort that is.

If you want to impress a woman, you can't miss by booking a few summer nights at this place. And when walking around you can pull the old "Oh look honey, a sports bar named after Red Auerbach… I had no idea" card. Or if you are like me (old), you can take your kids for a cool beach vacation.

Special thanks to Khalid, Hilary and the rest of the staff for treating me like a VIP.

Some photos from my visit, after the jump.


Memorabilia in the lobby


Red and his dog Pride


Red lounging


Red's collection of letter openers


Hostess Britney and myself in the lobby

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