Jeff Green is so, like, whatever about the lockout

Jeff Green is so, like, whatever about the lockout

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Jeff Green is so, like, whatever about the lockout

Jeff greenThe big criticism about Jeff Green is that he looks indifferent out on the court sometimes.  People want to see him get pissed, or happy, or something when he's on the court.  

But that's who he is.  That's how he lives life.  And that's how he is looking at the lockout.

Green said he hadn't seen the "last, best" offer handed to the players union by NBA commissioner David Stern last week. He didn't have any idea whether it would be rejected or approved. In fact, Green appeared indifferent to the entire process — no help to the public perception that players are to blame for the lockout in the first place, even if it isn't true.

"I just want to play," Green said, having left the details in the hands of his agent, David Falk, who was quoted on the same day in The New York Times advocating a full player vote on the deal.

I don't want to be too hard on Jeff Green.  He pays an agent for a reason, and that's how he's approaching this.  Jeff is a basketball player who just wants to play basketball and the business stuff is someone else's responsibility. 


This is the exception to that rule.  As much as I've railed against the owners, the players have botched this negotiation from the start.  And the "let my agent handle it" attitude is part of the problem.  I know Jeff is serious about basketball and he seriously wants to play.  But he, and other players, needed to take this all more seriously.  If they did, maybe we would actually be playing right now.

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