Arrest Patches

Arrest Patches


Arrest Patches

File this under LOLz.

Max Pacioretty just threw a wicked headshot at Kris Letang.

Video from our friends over at ThePensBlog

Can’t wait for Montreal radio to demand it’s listeners to flood Montreal Police with 911 calls. Can’t wait for Montreal fans to waste more precious tax dollers by calling Montreal Police to start a criminal investigation against Patches for that assault on a poor, defenseless upstanding citizen. Can’t wait for Habs fans to start a protest and gather outside the Bell Centre, protesting against the unnecessary violent and vile hits.

It’s time to get goons like Patches off the ice. It’s time to Arrest Patches, folks.

Eight months ago, Patches almost died; now he’s attempting murder. He’s come a long way since his near death experience.

We’re not sure what’s more ironic — Patches throwing a headshot or Patches pulling a Cooke against the Pens. Dealer’s choice.

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