Ray Allen is doing a little recruiting

Ray Allen is doing a little recruiting

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Ray Allen is doing a little recruiting

Ray shoots over masonThe Celtics will very likely only have the $5 million mid-level exception to play with come December 9.  And with a lot of spots open on the bench, the C's are going to have to look in a lot of places for some help. 

Enter Ray Allen, who apparently thinks he's found a guy who could help back him up:  Roger Mason, Jr. 

"This is good because we got pros here, a lot of the Wizards guys, which is good with me being a former Wizard and potentially coming here this season," Mason said. "I've had guys calling. Ray Allen called about Boston, and I've talked to Carmelo about going back to New York, and Andray wants me to come back here to Washington. Hopefully I'll have some good choices."

Mason won't wow you, but he might be a good option, especially if it's at the veteran minimum.  He made $1.4 million with the Knicks last season and only played in 26 games, but he's a couple of years removed from a pretty good season in San Antonio.  And let's face it, that style of play fits the Celtics style more than the Knicks style. I'm no Mason expert, but he can hit the 3 and he can handle the ball a little.  I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Plus, as an added bonus, we get to welcome Mason to town with a "How U"… and maybe even get him to wear our "How U" shirt.  

Hey, everyone's got to have a legacy.

(via WEEI)

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