Are teams underestimating Rajon Rondo's value?

Are teams underestimating Rajon Rondo's value?

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Are teams underestimating Rajon Rondo's value?


In case you haven't noticed, Rajon Rondo's name has popped up lately in trade rumors for Chris Paul.

Considering Rondo's talent and his affordable contract (4 years, $44 million), I figured he'd be a hot commodity to any GM looking for a point guard. But New Orleans' Dell Demps is not impressed.

Rondo is not the best jump shooter. Not from the field or the foul line. Opposing players lay a mile off him. I understand that. But aside from Derrick Rose and Paul, is there a better penetrating point guard in the league? No. He's an electrifying passer. Critics will argue Rondo's assists are inflated because he plays with the Big 3. Yes, that's somewhat true. But the Celtics are a half-court team. Rondo is a fast-break point guard. Imagine how effective he'd be leading the break with some real horses on the wings.

Let's move to the other side of the ball. Rondo is the league's top defensive point guard. What's frightening is he can be better. All Celtics fans know that Rondo gambles too much. How many point guards rebound better than Rondo? Few, if any. Remember that 2008-09 playoff series vs the Bulls in which he nearly averaged a triple double?

Rondo also brings intangibles to the table. He can handle pressure in a big market. He's got three future HOFers barking in his ear all game. He's played in two NBA finals. He's played with a dislocated elbow.

Demps wants Stephen Curry. A deadly shooter with a tremendous upside. Is that all you got? He's not a two-way player. He's averaged 18 points playing on a Golden State team that's won 62 games over two seasons. Why on earth would Demps covet this kid over Rondo? Because of the offense? Same goes for the Clippers Eric Gordon.

Yes, I just wrote a blog touting the skills of Rajon Rondo – a guy I want the Celtics to trade. Rondo is all of those things, but I think the skills possessed by Chris Paul are better suited for this Celtics team. My point is that Rondo deserves more credit. Danny Ainge should not have to throw in the kitchen sink with any deal that includes his dynamic point guard.

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