Practice report: Jermaine talks trade, KG talks naps

Practice report: Jermaine talks trade, KG talks naps

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Practice report: Jermaine talks trade, KG talks naps


Most of you will agree the key to the Celtics championship hopes this season lies with Kevin Garnett. What can we expect from KG this year? Today at practice, we learned:

KG may spend time playing center this season.

Doc says he will "lean on" KG more this year, not in terms of mins, but "I want him to be a more aggressive offensive player."

I'm not thrilled with the idea of Garnett playing center. We don't need to see him banging with 270 pound big men. 

WEEI's Paul Flannery says Doc will change the way Garnett's minutes are played. Instead of two 8 minute stretches per half, Garnett will go three 5 minute stretches. 

When asked how the extended offseason helped him, Garnett said, "Rest. Y'all like to take naps? Take a nap."

There's nothing new to report on the trade for David West. Jermaine O'Neal did address the rumors:

Despite persistent rumors that the Celtics plan to send him to New Orleans in a sign and trade deal that would bring back David WestJermaine O'Nealmet with the media Saturday and acknowledged the whispers. "If this is my last practice, this is my last practice," he said. "If it's not, I'll be here tomorrow." O'Neal suggested his first preference is staying with the Celtics, but said that if the team believes it can upgrade and moves him, he hopes he lands with a contender. 

Can someonen explain why New Orleans would accept Jermaine O'Neal? David West is an unrestricted free agent. Wouldn't they be better served to let West walk and use the cap space?

One other nugget from practice, Paul Pierce did not participate due to a sore heel.

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