Your Morning Dump... Where you don't go to the Cleveland Clinic for nothing

Your Morning Dump... Where you don't go to the Cleveland Clinic for nothing

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Your Morning Dump... Where you don't go to the Cleveland Clinic for nothing

Jeff green and doc riversEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Green flew to Cleveland yesterday with president Danny Ainge for further testing at the Cleveland Clinic after abnormalities were revealed in a stress test during the player’s physical last week.

Ainge said last night he was awaiting results from the latest exams, but sources said the problem has been detected and that decisions were being made on the best course of action. It has been noted in the Herald that a surgical procedure on Green may be needed to complement medication.

Doc Rivers offered no further information after the C’s scrimmage last night at the Garden, but it wasn’t hard to read the coach’s mood.

“Danny called and just said he’ll announce it (today), so we’ll wait,” Rivers said. “But other than that, we’ll just leave it at that.”

When asked if he was expecting to be without Green, Rivers said, “I’ll let you guess.”

Sources continue to indicate Green should be fine in the long run, but the health issue is serious.

Herald: Jeff Green likely out a while

Boston has some of the best hospitals in the world.  But the Cleveland Clinic is THE best hospital, especially when it comes to cardiac care.  

Pardon the blatant speculation here, but all signs point to some kind of heart issue.  You don't go to the Cleveland Clinic for mono.  And if the word is that this is serious, but he'll be fine, then that just reinforces my belief that there is some kind of heart issue Green is dealing with. 

And let me just add this:  Players should be thankful for the amazing technology now available to them.  Chuck Hayes had a heart issue caught during a physical… and of course there's the Jerome Harrison story in the NFL where a brain tumor was caught by a physical after he was traded.

Medical technology has advanced to a point where players have had life-threatening conditions found during a physical.  This clearly isn't a test-your-reflexes and turn-your-head-and-cough kind of thing anymore.  Tragedies are being avoided.  

I don't know if Green's condition rises to that level, but to catch something now before it reaches that level is an important step to him being healthy for a long time.  

The Celtics will announce the findings today, so we'll have more information about it then.

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On Page 2: E'Twaun Moore and Avery Bradley fight to be Ray's back up

In overhauling their bench for the 2011-12 season, the Celtics did not immediately bring in a pure veteran shooting guard with potential to provide instant offense off the pine. Instead, it's a collection of familiar faces that have fostered an ultra-competitive camp with two young players seemingly leading the race to be the top backup for Ray Allen

"Somebody will win [the job]," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "We’re going to let them. We tell [the players], we’re honest with them, there’s a spot there and all of you are not going to play it. It’s been a competitive camp because of it." 

Rivers singled out second-year Avery Bradley and rookie second-round draft pick E'Twaun Moore as top candidates, along with veteran wings like Sasha Pavlovic and Marquis Daniels(two players that are seemingly more natural 3s, but can play the 2 position). 

ESPN Boston: They're shooing for a guard spot

I know it was only an intra-squad scrimmage last night, but I was impressed with E'Twaun Moore.  He moves with such confidence on the floor, as opposed to Bradley who seemed tentative most of the night (until hitting the game winning shot, of course).  Moore's biggest problem seemed to be almost playing "hot potato" with the ball when Ray Allen was on the floor.  

Rather than make a move and take a shot, he'd immediately look for Ray.  And that's what you'd expect a rookie to do.  On a team like the Celtics, if Moore found himself out there with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett after subbing in for Ray, he might spend a lot of time just trying to get them the ball.

Without Ray on the floor last night, Moore moved confidently and shot well.  We'll see if he does the same against the Raptors tomorrow.  Facing competition from another team is a lot different than switching jerseys in practice and running against your teammates.

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