Wyc: "This core has a chance"

Wyc: "This core has a chance"

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Wyc: "This core has a chance"

WycWyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca were on WEEI this morning covering a number of topics.  But the big thing here for Celtics fans is to know that the Celtics ownership is committed fully to doing what it takes to make a run to Banner 18.  Here's Wyc:

"We think about the future every day, we really really do, but this does look like another year when this core has a chance.  and if we supplement them to the max, everything we can possibly do under the new rules, it looks like to us and more importantly to the basketball staff that these guys have one more chance at least.  And so you make that decision and you put the throttle fully that way.  We're not half way, 'half in, half out,' 'let's do this and do that at the same time'.  This is a team that's won a championship, been to another Finals… this year looks like we have a chance.  Shortened season, almost anything can happen, so we're going for it."

That means no cheaping out, obviously, as the Celtics will have one of the highest payrolls in basketball.  Had the Jeff Green situation not worked out the way it had, the payroll would have been around $80 million. 

One other quick note:   When asked if the owners had gotten what they wanted out of the lockout Wyc said:

"we wanted to play basketball with a deal that was fair for both sides and I think we did get that"

Seems very fair for all the big guys getting way overpaid this month.  Glad we all went through this for almost no changes. 

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