Enemy Chatter: The Celtics imploded emotionally

Enemy Chatter: The Celtics imploded emotionally

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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics imploded emotionally


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from New York.

The Celtics also imploded emotionally. Referee Joey Crawford, who himself has a quick trigger, called fourth-quarter technical fouls on O'Neal and Pavlovic.

Allen, who scored 20, rushed an off-balance jumper with 23 seconds left on the shot clock and the game tied with 1:46 to play. Daniels missed a wide-open corner three with 4.4 seconds left and Garnett, who scored 15 points, missed a tying jumper at the buzzer and just for good measure grabbed Bill Walker around the neck as the two exchanged words when the game ended.

NY Daily News

Imploded emotionally? Not the fairest assessment of what transpired. I will take this fight to my grave: Joey Crawford screwed the Celtics with those 4th quarter technical fouls. 

The criticism of the Celtics execution in the final two minutes is warranted. Same goes for KG's choke job on Bill Walker, but that move had no bearing on the outcome.

On Page 2, Rondo is a sneaky little weevil.

Fuckin' Rondo, man. That sneaky little weevil skittered to the rim over and over and over again, either because he cherry-picked and beat all the Knicks down court, or because Toney Douglas is a ghost or something. Really, it was like a traumatic flashback to last year's series where Douglas would either go over screens and get caught or go under screens and just…disappear. I cannot comprehend how Rondo kept getting to the rim. All I know is I wish he played in a different division.

Posting and Toasting

The Knicks signed Tyson Chandler to shore up their defense, yet Rondo reached the rim at will. Didn't take long for Mike D'Antoni's aversion to defense to reach Chandler.

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