Taking Stock: C's-Heat

Taking Stock: C's-Heat

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Taking Stock: C's-Heat

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

BuyPaul Pierce:  The man who hasn't played a minute yet has shown us all that he's horribly indispensable.  As I said in the recap last night, the man is not only capable of scoring points by creating his own shot, he's a calming influence on the offensive end of the court.  The C's need his steady hand in the line up.

Rajon Rondo: He had a couple of bad plays at the end of the game, but overall, another stellar peformance.  When you're trying to do everything, you're going to make mistakes. 

Ray Allen:  He has been flipping off Father Time for years now.  When he gets hot, forget it.

Keyon Dooling: This may go down as the most underrated move of the season if he keeps this up.

SellSasha Pavlovic:  And I mean this literally.  Sell him.  Hell, give him away.  Pay a team to take him.  Trade him for Brian Scalabrine.  Anything.  

Avery Bradley:  I know he's still young, but I wonder if he's ever going to get it.

HoldKevin Garnett:  I'm going to keep KG in the "hold" category until Pierce comes back.  He's not young enough to do certain things anymore, but I'm just wondering if having the spacing that Pierce provides will give him the room to do more than what he's been doing.  After a couple of games with "Core 4" fully intact, we'll have a better idea of how much KG will be able to give.

Jermaine O'Neal:  He's going to look bad against these super-athletic teams.  He's going to look worse when he's in foul trouble.  He's just going to have an up-and-down season.

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