Should the Celtics pursue DeMarcus Cousins?

Should the Celtics pursue DeMarcus Cousins?

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Should the Celtics pursue DeMarcus Cousins?

Just a week into the season and the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins are throwing haymakers. Cousins reportedly demanded to be traded during a screaming match with Paul Westphal. The Kings responded by shipping Cousins back to Sacramento before last night’s game in New Orleans.

The situation has cranked up the speculation and rumor mull. CBS blogger Matt Moore was one of the first to throw out a list of teams that should pursue the talented, yet emotionally troubled Cousins.

Before you encourage Danny Ainge to call Kings GM Geoff Petrie, read this:

“He’s selfish,” one source close to the team said of Cousins. “He’s always angry or clowning. He needs to change. The Kings have been great about covering things up for him, and his agent has been protecting him.

“He’s always miserable. He acts like he’s entitled.”

Some players are disillusioned with the constant drain of Cousins’ tantrums, sulking and absence of professionalism. “He’s a bully, and they let him get away with it,” one source said. “No one wants to deal with the guy.”

A veteran team and a tough, veteran coach could benefit Cousins. Maybe slap some sense into him. But he’s a big gamble.

The Celtics have very little to offer Sacramento. Before you even mention Rajon Rondo, remember Tyreke Evans wears a Kings uniform. 

I don’t want any part of this guy. Ten years from now, he’ll likely challenge Derrick Coleman as the biggest waste of talent the NBA has ever seen.

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