Glen Davis is failing miserably in Orlando

Glen Davis is failing miserably in Orlando

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Glen Davis is failing miserably in Orlando


Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is not happy with the performance and shot selection of Glen Davis:

It appears that new acquisition Glen Davis has a ways to go before he fits in with the Orlando Magic offense.

After Davis made just two of his 10 shot attempts in the Magic's 103-85 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, coach Stan Van Gundy indicated that he and Davis aren't on the same page — at least not yet.

"He's not playing well, and I'm not sure his mind's on the right things right now," Van Gundy said. "What we need him to do is defend, which he has done pretty well, rebound better than he's rebounding and move the ball and set screens.

"We'll keep working at it," Van Gundy added later. "I've seen the guy play very well. He's a good player. He's a smart guy. He should be able to figure it out. Sometimes it takes time."

Part of what concerns Van Gundy is that Davis is attempting a majority of his shots away from the hoop. Van Gundy said that 50 percent of Davis' shots last season were inside of 12 feet; so far this year, 65 percent of Davis' shots are outside 12 feet.

Glen Davis just doesn't get it. He's a role player. A guy who does the dirty work. Hit the boards, play defense and take charges.

He's fallen in love with scoring and jump shooting and it's killing his game.

UPDATE: Doc Rivers says SVG needs to keep pushing and finding Baby's buttons.

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