Keyon loves Rondo's 2010 Hyperfuse

Keyon loves Rondo's 2010 Hyperfuse

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Keyon loves Rondo's 2010 Hyperfuse

At this year's Boston Celtics open-practice, I noticed Keyon Dooling wearing Rondo's 2010 Hyperfuse player edition kicks. Myself and other Celtics fans/sneakerheads figured Keyon didn't have any kicks in Celtics colorways yet, so he was borrowing Rondo's. 

Well now the regular-season is here, and Keyon is still wearing Rondo's kicks. CSNNE's Jess Camerato got the scoop on the kicks situation first, and Sole Collector has since picked-up the story also.


Keyon-dooling-nike-zoom-hyperfuse-rajon-rondo-pe-02Whitehyoerpics via Sole Collector

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