Enemy Chatter: KG insane to pick up Dirk that close

Enemy Chatter: KG insane to pick up Dirk that close

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Enemy Chatter: KG insane to pick up Dirk that close


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Dallas.

Funny, in my head, I almost thought Dirk needed to sit for a few extra minutes in the fourth. His jumper was wonky and he displayed little to no effort on the defensive end. How silly I am. Dirk is still scoring at the lowest rate since his rookie year but those veins remain frosty with nine clutch points in the fourth quarter. On the last basket, Garnett was absolutely insane to pick up Dirk that close to the three-point line. Call it foolish, old pride as the 25-year-old KG might have been able to hang with Dirk on the perimeter but not anymore. Dirk blew by Garnett and his 17 handcheck and body fouls before finishing a circus shot and-1 over former Maverick Brandon Bass. Dirk has the reputation of plenty heroic fades and jumpers but the German has quietly complied quite the list of game-winning and game-tying layups, dating back to his legendary layup against the Spurs in Game 7 in 2006. Basically, Dirk is just the best and no one should ever doubt his immortality.

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I understand the need to play up on Dirk. Give him a half-inch and he’ll make you pay with a fadeaway jumper. But Garnett was pelvis-to-pelvis with Dirk on the perimeter. Even a 25-year old Garnett might have a hard time keeping pace once Dirk gets that left hand extended.

It was a silly decision. One that cost the Celtics the game.

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