Taking Stock: C's-Mavericks

Taking Stock: C's-Mavericks

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Taking Stock: C's-Mavericks

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Sideways_double_arrowPaul Pierce: I know we want Paul Pierce to just step onto the court and be "Paul Pierce" again.  Considering how this team has been playing, it's going to be hard for Pierce get into any kind of flow.  This is essentially still pre-season for Pierce

Green arrowRajon Rondo:  The more Rondo hits the floor, the better he's playing.  He hit the floor a lot last night and he bore the brunt of the scoring for the C's until other guys could step up.  But when your body takes that kind of beating every night, it's no wonder he sometimes doesn't want to go through that.    

Sideways_double_arrowRay Allen: This man is just amazing.  He'll have his off nights, but we haven't really seen any yet.  he was 4 of 5 from 3.  When are opposing teams going to figure out he likes to shoot those?  It's not like he's the all time leader in 3's made or anything.

Red arrowKevin Garnett: I hate to say it, but I still don't see any real lift out of KG's legs.  Sure, there's the occasional dunk.  But he's go no quickness at all in the post.  He's got no spring in the legs.  He was blocked by Delonte West on what should have been an easy finish and a few years would have been a dunk. I'm really sorry to say it, but I just don't know if it's going to get any better.

Red arrowJermaine O'Neal:  Jermaine's season will be up and down.  I've said that a million times.  But are the few big games he has worth these 2 point, 3 rebound efforts?  Yes, he blocked 2 shots, but we just need more.  


Sideways_double_arrowBrandon Bass: .Nothing particularly great out of Bass.  8 points on 6 shots is alright, but the -6 on the night is indicative of some deficiencies on the defensive end.  If we're going to overlook those, he needs to be scoring more than 8 points.

Green arrowKeyon Dooling:  He re-discovered his shooting stroke, going 4-5 and scoring 9 points to lead all bench scorers.  So that's a slight uptick in his value.  It's diminished, however, by his 0 assists.  If you're going to be the back up point guard, we'll need a couple of dimes out of you.

Green arrowMickael Pietrus: I like what I saw out of him last night.  I'll excuse only 5 points and a couple of those 3's that were a little quick on the trigger for the moment.  The two steals, active defense, and overall energy off the bench are a welcome sight. 

Red arrowChris Wilcox:  I know it.  You know it.  Chris Wilcox knows it.  He's not playing well (and I'm being nice).  He was a -10 in 3 minutes.  Yes, +/- stats can be horribly overblown… but I don't think this one is, particularly.    

Sideways_double_arrowAvery Bradley:  He bricked a 3 like few have ever bricked a 3, but he played solid D and finished the break a few times. He also managed 3 rebounds and 2 assists, which is encouraging.  His long range game, though… wow.  WOW.  Not good. 

Sideways_double_arrowGreg Stiemsma: I know some people have Stiemer Fever and he may well end up starting considering Jermaine O'Neal's sporadic production, but just keep a close eye on him when he tries to rebound.  It's not a pretty sight.  It really negates some of the positive stuff he does.

Sideways_double_arrowMarquis Daniels, E'Twaun Moore: The two actives with no PT.  Doc proclaimed Quis "healthy" and Moore as Rondo's back up before the game… and neither got off the bench except to give up his seat to someone who played.  Quis is struggling and he's been out, but I wonder if this might be the start of a stretch of pine time for him.  Moore, meanwhile, keeps getting public declarations of being a back up only to sit there and watch Avery Bradley play.  It must be a mind game with Bradley.  I don't see any other reason for it.


Sideways_double_arrowDoc Rivers: Doc is trying to find matchups that work.  It's like a chef that's been handed a bunch of ingredients that looked good in the store… but now seem to be past their expiration dates.  Now it's a bunch of trial and error to find out what you can do with the rest to make a good meal.


Red arrowYou would think that after four days off, the Celtics would have come out of the gates a little stronger.  Of all the things that could get me down about that game, that's probably at the top of the list.  I'm not encouraged by Kevin Garnett's play at all, despite somehow dropping 16 and 10, it certainly didn't feel that way. 

I am discouraged, but I retain some level of hope that this team will turn it around.  Paul Pierce will get better, which will be a huge help.  And I'm hopeful Pietrus' spark off the bench will mean something.  But at the moment, my overall take on the team is a negative one.

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