Your Morning Dump... Where Rondo's injury isn't serious

Your Morning Dump... Where Rondo's injury isn't serious

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Your Morning Dump... Where Rondo's injury isn't serious

Rajon rondo hurt wrist against TorontoReuters

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Team officials said Rondo had X-rays taken on the wrist, and those results came back negative. Rondo is being listed as day-to-day by the Celtics.

After seeing Rondo take such a hard foul, head coach Doc Rivers didn't think he was hurt badly at first.  

"I was laughing right afterwards," Rivers said. "I wasn't (concerned) at first because I thought he was trying to get the flagrant (foul call)."

He did get that call, and missed the first of his two free throws. 

After the free throw attempts, Rondo left the game and did not return. 

"I wanted to come back," Rondo said. "I knew we had it under control. The best thing for me to do was rest."

CSNNE:  Good news for Rondo, C's: Injury isn't serious

We can all breathe. 

I don't even want to get into how bad the Celtics would be without Rondo.  Paul Pierce is nowhere near ready to take over the entire load, KG is a shell of his former self right now. and Ray Allen can't really score without an assist.  

Rondo is the entire team. If he misses significant time, then you can just forget it.  

But let's not get into that now.  It's just a sore wrist.  It's a day-to-day thing.  Rondo's fine.  He was even giving post game interviews in a slick black fedora.  Let's just move on

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On Page 2: There's no need to blow it up

Ainge doesn’t have to blow things up because he has positioned the team to be blown up regardless of whether there is a move to be made. Allen’s contract, as well as Kevin Garnett’s and Jermaine O’Neal’s all come off the books this summer. There will be a rebuilding project at some point. Everyone involved understands that reality and if the opportunity exists to jumpstart the process, Ainge will surely examine the possibilities. 

Trading Pierce would be a dramatic move, but it wouldn’t necessarily be for cap purposes. There is only one sure-thing free agent available this summer and that’s Dwight Howard, who has given exactly zero indications that he would consider Boston as a possible destination. Cap space allows you the freedom to make moves, but it doesn’t guarantee that you can sign anyone. 

WEEI:  Celtics don't have to blow it up

This is what I don't get about the "BLOW IT UP NOW" crowd.  The team has tons of cap space next year and is in perfect position to pursue whichever player (Dwight Howard) it wants.  

Why not try to make the run now and see where it gets us?  If the C's are horribly out of the running by mid-March, then maybe we look at stockpiling some draft picks, but as of right now, there is no harm in trying to ride this out for another month and a half to find out where the team is going. 

Patience.  I'm watching the same thing you are.  I know it's disgusting.  But we need to see if this is truly a "they need to play themselves into shape" situation or if it's simply "they're too old, and their abilities fell off a cliff."  

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