Taking Stock: Celtics - Raptors

Taking Stock: Celtics - Raptors

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Taking Stock: Celtics - Raptors

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Red arrowI'm not going to bother going through them all individually.  I'm sorry KG gets swept in this because he had a decent game.. but even he needed to do more.  If you're the only guy hitting them, then you need to be the guy taking them.  Sometimes, your job isn't to get other guys going, it's to start carrying the team yourself.  And let's not start on Rondo's night.  One of his worst games as a Celtic.


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Same goes for the bench.  Avery Bradley and Mickael Pietrus get swept up in the putrid display.  They at least did something. But this is like standing next to the guy who got sprayed by a skunk.  It's going to get on you too… and it's impossible to get that stink out. 



Doc Rivers:  I loved the outburst.  Those guys deserved it.  But why didn't E'Twaun Moore get any playing time at all?  Were you punishing Rondo by keeping him in there?  Even if you were, not getting Moore any time in a game like that is a problem for me.  Bench all the starters and let the bench try to do something.


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What the hell can you take out of a game like this?  Everyone mailed this one in and thought they could sleep walk through a win.  They got crushed.  And Doc said it all… if you think you're going to pin a loss like this on the previous night's loss… then you're mentally weak.  

The Celtics need to bounce back against Chicago… or else there will be very serious questions asked about the future of this team.

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