Enemy Chatter: Avery Bradley is the best full court defender in the league

Enemy Chatter: Avery Bradley is the best full court defender in the league

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Enemy Chatter: Avery Bradley is the best full court defender in the league


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Dallas.

Avery Bradley has shot 38 percent this year on midrange jumpers (16-23 feet, according to Hoopdata). He was 5-of-6 tonight. Of course.

But Bradley is a player and a keeper. He's the best full-court defender in the league and can really handle any point guard. A fantastic defender with great footwork and instincts. He isn't a true point guard, but he should get even better as he grows into a nice reserve role when Rajon Rando comes back from suspension.

Mavs Moneyball

It's refreshing to hear complimentary analysis of our players from other bloggers. Too often we get caught up micro-managing and overreacting to their every move.

On Page 2, more sensible analysis than explains the Celtics offensive woes.

Speaking of the Celtics big men, the Mavericks smelled blood in the water tonight. Not one Boston big has really any offensive capabilities right now aside from a Jermaine O'Neal short jumper. The Mavericks knew this and absolutely blitzed any Celtic ball handler with a hard trap. It didn't always force a turnover or a bad shot, but a majority of the time it led to a pass to a bad shot or turnover. Boston had to scramble a lot on offense and take some ill-advised shots, mainly because Dallas didn't respect the roll man at all on the pick and roll. Thus, Boston shoots 39.2 percent and the Mavericks mount another head on the wall of their league-leading field-goal percentage defense.

Mavs Moneyball

Doc has repeatedly said the offense is hamstrung without a big (KG and Brandon Bass) who can help stretch the floor. Expecting the Celtics to hang with Dallas minus those guys is ridiculous.

I'll take it a step further and say we aren't cutting the Celtics enough slack for all the injuries. Look at the list of their top six players and games missed: Rajon Rondo (9 games), Jermaine O'Neal (6 games), Brandon Bass (5 games), Ray Allen (4 games), Paul Pierce (3 games), and Kevin Garnett (3 games).

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