Taking Stock: Celtics - Mavericks

Taking Stock: Celtics - Mavericks

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Taking Stock: Celtics - Mavericks

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


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Avery Bradley:  He was actually hitting jumpers last night.  JUMPERS!!!  If Bradley can do that more often, then we've got ourselves a decent combo guard.  His ball handling/passing/decision making still need work, but first things first.  The jumpers were nice

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 Paul Pierce: A much better offensive night for the Truth.


Red arrowChris Wilcox: Not his best day.  Obviously guarding Dirk would be tough.  1 rebound in 13 minutes is no good.  And now he's hurt.



ermaine O'Neal: 

Hey, at least he can still block shots.  Oh, he's hurt again?  Great.


Ray Allen:  He seems like he might be emerging from his slump.   


Green arrowJaJuan Johnson: Decent production in 16 minutes.  We're going to need him to play 30 minutes soon.


Mickael Pietrus:  His shooting is still off, but the 12 rebounds were a nice surprise.

Sideways_double_arrow E'Twaun Moore:  Didn't play much, but he's trying to show that he might be a scoring option off the bench.

Sideways_double_arrowGreg Stiemsma, Sasha Pavolovic, Marquis Daniels, Keyon Dooling:  4 combined points between these 4 players in 47 combined minutes.  Stiemer's not a scorer, but these other guys should maybe hit a bucket or something, right?



Doc Rivers:  Doc will have no choice but to play these kids with all these injuries.  His hands are pretty tied right now.


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How much can we really expect from a team that finished this game with KG, Bass, Rondo, Wilcox and Jermaine O'Neal all unavailable?  

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