Your Morning Dump... Where that was a team building loss

Your Morning Dump... Where that was a team building loss

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Your Morning Dump... Where that was a team building loss

Avery Bradley posterized kevin durantEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Every once in a while you lose a game and you have a team-building game. Tonight was a team-building game for us,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “I’m rarely happy, I’m still not. We lost the game. There’s still no moral victories but that was absolutely a team-builder in our locker room and that was terrific.’’

Globe: Celtics only half bad

I love how Doc was touting the virtues of this moral victory while simultaneously declaring such things do not exist. It's like having a martini with Big Foot and explaining to the bartender how Yetis are fake.

Effort is a huge part of any team's success, but the Celtics have not brought the necessary effort every night.  That's going to happen with these Celtics.  We've been crying about it for the entire Big 3 era.  And don't give me "2008 was different" because that 2008 team is the same team that couldn't win on the road and went to 7 games in the first two rounds of the playoffs. 

Can a game like this, plus rest and a return to full strength really be enough to turn things around?  

Here's the reality of the Boston Celtics:  They really need everyone to be at their best all the time to be the team we thought they'd be.  Some teams can withstand some guys not playing well.  But the Celtics need everyone in the game at any point in time to be playing at full potential all the time… ESPECIALLY the bench guys.  

And maybe those are the guys who needed a confidence boost the most.  Avery Bradley is certainly playing better now than he was even a couple of weeks ago.  If we can get Dooling and Pietrus playing with confidence… and then add Bass to that mix after the break… we might have a little something there.  

Yes, I'm trying to stay positive again.  But I do it because I do see the potential there.  I'm not throwing my hands up in the air and quitting because there's no point.  I know this team is blowing up in the offseason anyway.  But if these guys can play up to their potential, this February disaster will be erased.  If not… it might still be erased… and replaced by a March that much, much worse. 

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On page 2:  the All Star selection brightened Rondo's day

"You could tell, it brightened up his day," Perkins told "You could tell, he felt like he should have been in there in the first place."

[…] "I knew it was bothering him," Perkins said.

What tipped Perkins off was when Rondo went out and had 32 points and 15 assists against Chicago, and followed that up with 35 points against Detroit.

Both breakout games were played shortly after the league announced the Rondo-less All-Star reserves.

"Any time he comes out and he's aggressive on the offensive end, where he's taking shots … I already knew what time it was," Perkins said. "He was going out there and making a statement."

CSNNE: Al Star selection brightened Rondo's day

I already know where this is going.  

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