Rumor: Rondo on the outs here

Rumor: Rondo on the outs here

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Rumor: Rondo on the outs here


Larry Coon is a writer for ESPN, HoopsWorld and the New York Times. He's extremely well-respected for his knowledge about the salary cap and CBA.

His tweet about Rondo was a response to a fan asking why the Celtics would trade a young, All-Star PG for an aging big man.

Regarding the believability of this report, Coon is not a guy who generally breaks NBA trade news. On the flip side, he doesn't throw out rumors and reports to garner attention.

I don't want Gasol. At 31, how many years of elite play does he have left? Two, maybe three max?

And if Danny Ainge does think Gasol can help this team win this season, who the hell is going to get Pierce, Ray, KG and Pau the ball?

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