Gerald Green is back in the NBA

Gerald Green is back in the NBA

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Gerald Green is back in the NBA

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Gerald Green was one of those guys that always flashed just enough athleticism to make you think he could have been a good back up to Paul Pierce.  He had that one season where he was hitting 3's, but he never could become a good team player.  His biggest contribution to the Celtics was being part of the trade that landed Kevin Garnett.  

Green bounced around, going to Houston and then Dallas after Minnesota. He made a few summer league teams but nothing really materialized from that.  Lately, he's been in the D-League, where he won the MVP of the D-League All Star game this past weekend.  

And that was enough for the New Jersey Nets… who have decided to take a chance on Gerald.  Good luck to them.  They're going to need it with him. 

The last time I saw Gerald play in a non-All Star game was at the Vegas summer league a couple of summers ago, and he was the same old Gerald.  With the ball, he was quick, athletic and he could score.  Without the ball, he was lazy and confused… and was in no way part of the offense.  

Maybe he's changed.  He's only 26… which makes him the same age as Rajon Rondo… even though it feels like Gerald's been in the league forever.  He's still young enough to have an epiphany.  And he's still athletic enough to take advantage of it if he did.  

The Nets are in town on Friday.  We might just get a first-hand look and find out for ourselves. 

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