Set a world record, maybe win a trip to Ireland

Set a world record, maybe win a trip to Ireland

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Set a world record, maybe win a trip to Ireland

Guiness flyerSt. Patrick's day is around the corner, when the rest of the world realizes what we knew all along:  That there's nothing better than dressing in green and white (and maybe with a few shamrocks too) and having fun with a ton of other people. 

Guinness recognizes that too… which is why the came to us to help break a world record.  

We have partnered with Guinness to try to set the record for "The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration" ever.  And here's how you do it:

Go to, and click "Enter Now."  After you fill out the form, enter the code REDS and you'll be entered to win a TRIP TO DUBLIN so you can really party!

It's free to enter, you don't have to buy anything (although a nice Guinness with lunch sounds good right now, doesn't it?) and you could win a free trip and be part of a fun World Record.  Remember to enter REDS into the optional code section.

Good luck to all of you, we hope one of you guys wins the trip to Ireland.  If not, we'll still have a hell of a party.  

While we're speaking of parties… be sure to come to ours the week before.  It's a Celtics-Lakers viewing party on Sunday, March 11th at The Place.  Here are all the details.  We're raffling off Celtics tickets, an autographed Antoine Walker basketball, and more. 

Man, we're giving a LOT of stuff away lately, aren't we?  

So join us for both parties.  Of course, we encourage you all to drink responsibly at both celebrations. don't drive to either party unless you've got a designated driver to take you home.

Good luck!

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